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By Razurec at 23-05
Updated 4 years ago
Mumble Installation Guide
Updated 4 years ago
Guild Lottery
Updated 4 years ago
Suggestions / To do
Updated 4 years ago

Another list of possible improvements: Not having t...
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
Comments on posted pictures might be an idea
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
Clickable names in chat
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
I'll see if I can add some screenshots tonight.
Created by Demiola
4 years ago
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Site Admin
on 14-06-2014
Updated 5 years ago
hi guys,

Let me know which game you're playing at the moment
and why?
O and i'm playing mostly RIFT & DEFIANCE and waiting for ARCHEAGE.
and the offline game i'm playing are WATCHDOGS.
why because i like the concept of WATCHDOGS and i'm playing RIFT & DEFIANCE just so i can play with my dad and online friends.

kev kev

Nothing to see here! Move along, move along...




Website Owner
on 14-06-2014
(Updated 5 years ago)
Well, I play a lot of World of Warcraft and Kerbal Space Program (even though that's not officially an MMO or RPG). I also like to play TF2, but only once in a week or something.

Why? Because WoW is addictive, and KSP is fun (thus, addictive)
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