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By Razurec at 23-05
Updated 6 years ago
Mumble Installation Guide
Updated 6 years ago
Guild Lottery
Updated 6 years ago
Suggestions / To do
Updated 6 years ago

Another list of possible improvements: Not having t...
Created by Inzenl_coa
6 years ago
Comments on posted pictures might be an idea
Created by Inzenl_coa
6 years ago
Clickable names in chat
Created by Inzenl_coa
6 years ago
I'll see if I can add some screenshots tonight.
Created by Demiola
6 years ago
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Website Owner
on 08-06-2014
Updated 6 years ago
Hello everyone, here's a change log since the initial release:

June 2014

  • 7-6
    • Initial Release!
    • Fixed a lot of bugs.
    • Changed some stuff in the account creation page.
    • Changed some style things.
    • Created a BBCode Guide.
  • 8-6
    • Added a calender.
    • Fixed a few bugs.
    • Added smileys!
    • In topics you can now see how long ago the post was posted.
    • Clicking on a new comment at the 'new today' area will also scroll down to the post.
    • the BBCode guide now shows up in the edit-thread, edit-comment and create-thread pages instead of a hyperlink to it.
    • Editing box sizes increased for threads.
    • Sticky threads (can only be changed by me).
  • 10-6
    • Added Instant-BBcode buttons in the text editors.
    • Tweaked the BBCode script a bit. All line breaks should now appear and not appear at the right places.
    • Added Sizes in BBCode.
    • Updated the BBCode guide.
    • Calender now shows the current day in light-blue.
  • 11-6
    • Added top-30 latest posts at the user pages.
    • "New Today" now also shows updates on threads and comments
    • You can now see how long ago a thread or comment is edited.
    • E-mail validation.
      You now need to validate your email by clicking on the link you receive.
    • BBCode: Added
    • User list now shows your full name instead username.
  • 12-6
    • Whoever created a topic will receive a e-mail when somebody replies on it. (this will be configurable per topic soon)
  • 13-6
    • After you log in, you will be redirected to the page you were when you logged in.
    • Fixed spoiler bug.
    • Updated the BBCode guide.
    • The list of comments and topics at profile pages are now sorted by latest updates instead creation date.
    • The custom text font now shows in Microsoft Internet Explorer™
    • Tweaked the website structural design, the website should now be view-able on Tablets without things breaking or overlapping (unless you start zooming in).
  • 14-6
    • Added categories
    • Tweaked the login, post comment, post topic, edit topic and edit thread pages. They should be a bit faster now.
  • 15-6
    • Compiled some scripts into one main script, mainly to improve performance and security.
    • "New today" changed to "Latest updates" (shows 4 latest updates in threads and comments).
    • Added a chat system (still a Work in Progress)
  • 16-6
    • updated the chat. It now shows how long ago somebody said something, and makes a sound when somebody other then you says something
    • The chat is now an interactive window (but at a fixed position)
  • 17-6
    • Updated the chat: It now uses 90% less Bandwidth (network usage). Chat should now also be a lot faster (it updates once every 0.5 seconds instead every 3).
  • 18-6
    • BBCode:
      • Youtube
      • Spotify
    • Updated the BBGuide.
    • Updated the chat, uses 80% less CPU But only updates every full second.
    • Added an analog clock (if you click on the existing one)
  • 19-6
    • Fixed the anolog clock (hour was not displaying the right time)
  • 28-6
    • Updated the chat, it won't bug out when it tries to clear the chat history.
    • If you have the chat closed, you'll also see that there are new messages in the website's title.
    • Re-did the e-mail validation. The email should now be marked as spam no longer
August 2014

  • 20-8
    • Re-did the chat layout, things look pretty now!
    • Fixed a few bugs
    • removed link to the homepage (but forum homepage is still here)
  • 21-8
    • Fixed a chat bug
    • Officially made this the Warlords of Northrend guild website
  • 22-8
    • Added support for JPG profile images.
    • Added a function to automatically load an character image from the Battle.net server.
    • Added a TeamSpeak page
  • 23-8
    • Updated the "Create account" page.
    • Updated the homepage.
    • Added some more security features.
    • Added a online users list!
  • 24-8
    • Fixed a bug that made anyone unable to create an account.
    • Updated the online-users list. It should now update correctly.
    • Fixed a formatting issue for choosing a wow character name for your profile image. letters like ŕ, ç or ö are now usable.
    • Started working on a gallery.
  • 25-8
    • Fixed the online-users list, it now updates without having to refresh the page.
    • Fixed a few bugs
  • 26-8
    • Changed the way the website is displayed. It no longer uses Javascript to re-size the page correctly, instead it now uses pure CSS. This improves the speed upon scrolling and re-sizing pages a lot.
    • Added profile images to the users list.
  • 27-8
    • Re-did the login script. It no longer says wrong password if you're giving it a wrong username instead.
    • updated the gallery
  • 28-8
    • Started working on the Calendar again. It'll have dynamic events.
    • Did some code cleaning
September 2014

  • 1-9
    • updated the calendar again. It can now use images from the WoW calendar (limited to all raids and meetings, other and pvp).
    • User list now also shows how long ago said person was seen.
    • Updated the spoiler and image icon for BBCode (thanks to Margan)
  • 2-9
    • Added guild logs (only available for ranks War Council and above)
    • Fixed hyperlink bug
  • 5-9
    • Been busy the last few days on Staff-only stuff
    • Added WoWhead links to BBCode: Items, Achievements, Spells and Quests!
    • Updated the BBCode Guide
  • 6-9
    • Fixed you getting a mail if you reply to your own thread.
  • 8-9
    • Started working on the Lottery for the website. currently the Guild Master, Site admins and Me can add tickets and draw the lottery.
    • Added a function to the website to detect if you are currently watching the website. This function is used for the chat. If you have the chat open but not viewing the page, and somebody sends a message in the chat, the page title will regain a (*) in its title, displaying you have a new unread message.
  • 9-9
    • Did some code optimizations.
    • Updated the messages of "time ago". It now shows weeks and years as well.
    • Fixed the "size" BBCode button inserting a "spoiler" tag instead.
    • Fixed the chat not showing unread messages if its closed, but the page is being viewed by the user.
    • Updated webpage titles, it now shows what page you are on.
  • 10-9 and 11-9
    • Added Personal Messages
    • Changed the lay-out of the main menu (drop-down lists). If you are on the website with a mobile or tablet, the chat and time buttons won't be behind the other links anymore.
    • Some more code optimizations.
  • 12-9
    • When you receive a new personal message, you can see an mail icon with the number of new messages on top of the pages.
    • Updated the calender. Events now have their icon shown if you click on them
    • Increased box size for the drop-down menu slightly (useful for mobile and tablets where everything is very tiny)
  • 15-9
    • Added differed styles for wow events (like Brewfest, Winter Veil etc)
    • Styles will only be visible while that event is happening.
  • 16-9
    • Worked on in-game character displays on profiles.
    • Currently only I can edit somebody's character profile.
  • 18-9
    • Updated the Character profile display, it now also displays stats, titles, raid progression and professions.
  • 30-9
    • Did a whole lot of fixing and tweaking around the website.
    • Changed the way the online-users list works, this is the cause of too many requests being sent every minute per user, causing the website to freeze / crash and give a proxy error. This should be fixed now, but the user list updates slower now.
    • Updated the analog clock.
October 2014

  • 21-10
    • Updated the profile page, tweaked a bit with the wow character display.
    • Fixed a bug at the profile pages where there would be an error in the source code.
  • 28-10
    • Re-did the way the website is displayed again, now tries to use basic 100% height in the style, but if the browser is not compatible with that, it will use Javascript instead.
    • I'm now saving what browser you are using to build more compatibility features. Don't worry, almost every website does this by now ;) (Google, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, etc etc etc).
    • Added some new features to the website management page (only visible for GM and above).
    • Fixed a duplication and merging bug in the Personal Messaging system.
    • Changed the way background images are displayed. They used to shrink to the browser's width, but now it stays at its origional size and are just centered. The position where the gradient comes has been lowered to 1000px too (from 600px). All images are now re-sized to 1080x1920px.
November 2014

  • 3-11
    • Changed the browser usage storing. It now only stores your browser agent once every session.
    • Tweaked the storing of error messages on the website. This will make me able to block spammers.
  • 10-11
    • Updated the website management page with a pretty graph.
    • Restringing of the browser agent can now be done on every page, instead of just going to the main page.
    • Added a music player. More music will be added later. You can find it under Forums.
  • 18-11
    • Added the Music page. This still is a bit unstable, but plays wow music you click on. It also plays the next song in the list if the current song has ended.
    • Updated profile pages, fixed widths and removed the raid progression until the next raid progression information is avalible.
  • 27-11
    • Tweaked the website management page a bit, graph no longer draws a random line trough itself.
    • Added a preview of the latest image from the gallery.
January 2015

  • 8-1
    • Fixed wow character image not downloading to the server correctly. If you have a broken image you'll have to re-type your character name again.
    • Added some stuff and tweaked some stuff at the management page.
    • Changed the way the website addresses pages dynamically (the chat, for example). It uses way less scripting and files, should be a lot faster now (but not noticeable though).
    • Updated the main page, it now finally shows some guild stats, and more are coming!
  • 9-1
    • updated the website management page. It can now also create a profile image of your wow character if no profile image exists.
  • 11-1
    • Added some games I was working on to the website. Currently you can play Memory and Tic Tac Toe. If you finish a round with Memory you'll automatically send the score to the server, which will compile a top-score list.
  • 12-1
    • Updated memory, it will now display wow characters instead of letters. More graphical updates will come soon.
March 2015

  • 1-3
    • Updated the lay-out of the website. Pages are now full-screen, and there is no more backgrounds. This will be improved later on.
    • Updated the guild banner to fit the new Tabard.
  • 3-3
    • Temporary disabled the chat because it stopped working correctly. I'll look into it in the weekend.
    • Updated the Music page, the track list looks much better now, and added the track duration.
  • 6-3
    • Did some more work on the Music page, now contains soundtracks from WoD, Taverns and path 3.2. Also working on a shuffle and repeat function.
  • 7-3
    • Shuffle and Repeat now work correctly. Repeat has two functions: Single and Playlist. Single will repeat the current song over and over again, Playlist will repeat the entire playlist when the last song ended. Shuffle will shuffle the song order around, and will repeat the list. Every time you enable Shuffle, the list is re-shuffled. Icon for the two repeat-functions will be added soon.
    • You can now make your own playlists! You can add tracks from the General lists to your own playlists.
    • You can see other people's playlists on their profile page (all the way in the bottom).
    • Attempted to fix the "Proxy Error" message in chat.

- Demiola

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Site Admin
on 02-09-2014
(6 years ago)
yay im happy to help
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