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By Razurec at 23-05
Updated 4 years ago
Mumble Installation Guide
Updated 4 years ago
Guild Lottery
Updated 4 years ago
Suggestions / To do
Updated 4 years ago

Another list of possible improvements: Not having t...
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
Comments on posted pictures might be an idea
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
Clickable names in chat
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
I'll see if I can add some screenshots tonight.
Created by Demiola
4 years ago
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Website Owner
on 07-06-2014
Updated 5 years ago
Hey everyone,

In case you found a bug, please post a comment on this topic / thread. I'll make a list of all known bugs and try to fix them as soon as I can.

  • Adding a new line after an ']' in BBCode, an extra 'br' would be inserted, creating lots of empty space * FIXED!
  • At the new comment section, you can see unprocessed BBCode * FIXED!
  • Changing the e code on the URL to something higher then the number of topics, you get a bank page * FIXED!
  • You can post blank comments and topics or edit them to empty * FIXED!
  • Editing profiles but not uploading an image gives you an error, but does work * FIXED!
  • If the "New Today" information is larger then the box its in, stuff breaks (and the 'trademark' text too) * FIXED!
  • Logging in correctly after logging in incorrectly tells you your password is wrong once again * FIXED!
  • You are able to edit other people's profiles * FIXED!
  • Multiple spoilers on differend posts (but on the same page) causes only the first spoiler in the page to open, and the rest stays closed. * FIXED!
  • on iPad everything breaks if you zoom in. Same on other mobile devices.
  • on iPad the chat text box is out of place * FIXED!
  • Clicking on 'Main threads' lights up the 'Home' tab instead. * FIXED!
  • At the chat, posting a new post that would clear the chat history causes the chat table to glitch out for a second, and a whistle to be heard, even if you are the last poster. * FIXED!
  • teamspeak info is incorrect. * FIXED!
  • Nothing reported yet!
- Thijmen

Nothing to see here! Move along, move along...




Website Owner
on 07-06-2014
(5 years ago)
I have both a index.php and topic.php because I plan to add more features then just forums (e.g. calender)


Site Admin
on 23-06-2014
(5 years ago)
if i click on main threads than he shows that i'm on the home tab.
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