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By Razurec at 23-05
Updated 6 years ago
Mumble Installation Guide
Updated 6 years ago
Guild Lottery
Updated 6 years ago
Suggestions / To do
Updated 6 years ago

Another list of possible improvements: Not having t...
Created by Inzenl_coa
6 years ago
Comments on posted pictures might be an idea
Created by Inzenl_coa
6 years ago
Clickable names in chat
Created by Inzenl_coa
6 years ago
I'll see if I can add some screenshots tonight.
Created by Demiola
6 years ago
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Welcome to the Forums!


Website Owner
on 07-06-2014
Updated 6 years ago
Welcome to the WoN Forums!

Before I get started, I first want you to know that this forum is brand new and hand-written, so it has only a few features normal forums have.
Futhermore, there will be bugs, and lots of it.

But don't feel afraid posting stuff, the only way to fish out the bugs is by testing and using!
And besides, what use of a Forum when nobody uses it, right?

  • Create topics
  • Edit your topics
  • Delete your topics
  • Add comments to topics
  • Edit your comments
  • Delete your comments
  • Edit your profile
  • BBCode
  • A fancy Calender
  • Get mail every now and then
  • Open chat
  • Messaging system
  • Your wow characters in your profile
Have fun!

Also, please do make your own threads and comment on others! A dead forum is not a fun forum!

- Thijmen (Demiola)

Nothing to see here! Move along, move along...




Website user
on 07-06-2014
(6 years ago)
A quite sexy forum!


Website user
on 03-09-2014
(6 years ago)
Cool forum :d !
- 1/1 -

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