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By Razurec at 23-05
Updated 4 years ago
Mumble Installation Guide
Updated 4 years ago
Guild Lottery
Updated 4 years ago
Suggestions / To do
Updated 4 years ago

Another list of possible improvements: Not having t...
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
Comments on posted pictures might be an idea
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
Clickable names in chat
Created by Inzenl_coa
4 years ago
I'll see if I can add some screenshots tonight.
Created by Demiola
4 years ago

Demiola's Profile

Profile username:Demiola
Full name:Thijmen de Frankrijker
Rank:Website Owner
Personal description:Hello everyone, My name is Thijmen de Frankrijker.

I am the creator of this forums. Its completely hand-written and uses no code taken from the internet (only as examples).

About myself:

For school I'm Studying programming, witch I'm in the first of three years of. This forums is a project for myself to practice a lot of the things I'm learning.

Social Media:
Google+ (who uses that anyway)

World of Warcraft Character

Demiola's Comments:

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Thread nameCommentLast update
Suggestions / To doI'll see if I can add some screenshots tonight.4 years
Suggestions / To do*bump* Let me know what to do, I'm starting to run out of things!4 years
Mcfurinator playing beta Warlords of DreanorYou either get selected by Blizzard to be a beta tester, or you win it from websites like WoWhead.com4 years
Suggestions / To doIt didn't dissappear, it just got merged into the chat :)4 years
Suggestions / To doI cannot change the scrollbars for every browser. That's only possible in Chrome (and that's hard to do, too).4 years
Online MMORPGWell, I play a lot of World of Warcraft and Kerbal Space Program (even though that's not officially an MMO or RPG). I also like to play TF2, but only once in a week or something. Why? Because Wo...4 years
Report bugsI have both a index.php and topic.php because I plan to add more features then just forums (e.g. calender)4 years

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Thread nameThread textLast update
ChangelogHello everyone, here's a change log since the initial release: June 2014 7-6 Initial Release! Fixed a lot of bugs. Changed some stuff in the account creation page. Changed some style ...4 years
Mumble Installation GuideHello everyone, We're going to use Mumble as our way of voice communication. Installation of Mumble might be a bit confusing, so I'll list the steps you have to take here. Download the lat...4 years
Guild LotteryHello everyone, We have a lottery system up and running! To Participate you need to have an account on this website. How it works: The lottery consists out of gold only. You can buy ticke...4 years
Suggestions / To doHello people, If you have any suggestions, you can post them here. Current list of suggestions: Give users more options to edit on there own user page background and stuff. some easter eg...4 years
Music is now avalible!Hello everyone, The music page is now available. In it, you can listen to the WoW Collectors Edition CD's. You can find it under the "Forums" Menu. This contains: World of Warcraft: Original...4 years
Welcome to the Forums!Welcome to the WoN Forums! Before I get started, I first want you to know that this forum is brand new and hand-written, so it has only a few features normal forums have. Futhermore, there will...4 years
SoO Flex p3 Tactics6ruwTCiRRjA kZ_CCtBWKeE First video is for LFR, second is the changes for Flex4 years
Crashing Trashing Combat!Hello everyone, I've started a new event called Crashing Trashing Combat. The idea is that a select group of people summon a crashing trashing Racer, and when the battle starts, try to destroy o...4 years
Harvest FestivalThis week Harvest Festival is taking place in World of Warcraft. unfortunately there are no special achievements in this week, but there is one quest: http://www.wowhead.com/guide=23 Enjoy! ...4 years
How to get a fancy profile image.Hello everyone, If you're playing World of Warcraft on the Chamber of Aspects realm, you can set your profile image to one of those characters. To do this, do as follows: Click on your use...4 years

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